Kom jij ons team versterken?

We zijn op zoek naar een enthousiaste, praktische ingenieur om deel uit te maken van ons team om een ademhalingswearable te ontwikkelen voor kinderen met astma en andere longziekten.

About Asthmaware

For children with asthma, correct perception of symptoms and adequate response to symptoms worsening are necessary to obtain good self-management and provide correct information to their doctor. But children often do not notice when their symptoms worsen or do not respond in time.

Asthmaware develops a monitoring system that consists of a smart-textile shirt and a mobile application. The system uses high-end sEMG technology to evaluate breathing activity during sleep. As it monitors the children while sleeping, it is effortless and allows continuous assessment of symptoms over a period of multiple hours.

As nocturnal symptoms are a prevalent indicator of an emerging asthma-attack, Asthmare can help children to recognise these early symptoms and intervene in time. Asthmare also helps them understand the relationships between triggers and symptoms.

Moreover it enables the quantification of responsiveness to therapy. This in turn facilitates decision making for doctors and can improve medication perception for children. As asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood, Asthmare can improve the lives of thousands of children worldwide.



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